School is taking over my life

Teenage Student Studying Hard --- Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

As the frequent all nighters come along, I realize that school will always be my life when I’m not cheering or working or working out. I have been off the grid lately because I have come to a social change that I need to focus on my schoolwork and not party so much.

I’m not very book smart like a lot of people are. I don’t have photogenic memory (which i wish i had), and I can never skip class because I’ll be put behind in the snap of a finger. To keep myself organized with my school work, I keep my agenda handy.


My agenda is my pride and joy. If i didn’t have it, I would literally be so lost. I always have to have my information poured out infront of me to realize that I need to get my stuff done. I have my whole work schedule and my whole workout schedule PLUS my extra curricular activities. For example, I’m a cheerleader, on a intramural basketball team, in campus circle, and in the W.I.L.D club. I literally have everything color coded, if i highlight what is on my agenda then I did that for the day, which then I go onto the next task. It also gives me a good possibility of what I need to do, study wise, to be prepared for my tests. Agendas are a Gods gift from heaven, Id highly recommend getting one.


School matters to me because I want to make a living and be on my own one day. I don’t want to live in my parents basement for the rest of my life. I want to explore the world and experience things that no one else has yet, and my education will help me fulfill that. Also, I want to be able to say that I did it. Its a HUGE accomplishment in my family to get an education (especially if paid for) and then go to a good job afterwards, I want to make my family proud.


I know this was an awkward topic to talk about but let me know if you have any questions





Start of Spring!

Hey yall!

We are about to start spring and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Spring is such a huge thing for me! I love spring weather! I get to wear all of my bright colors from my closet, I get to wear jeans and cute shirts!!!!!! And plus its also perfect weather for me to go workout in!!!!!!!! Cool mornings that turn into warm days are a girls bestfriend ( to an extent ). I have so many goals this spring semester.

  1. Have a better GPA this semester
  2. Lose 20 pounds and watch what I eat
  3. May or may not cut my hair (still debating it)
  4. Get myself more involved in the community
  5. Only drink water and fruit smoothies…. (only have energy drinks when studying)
  6. Don’t get stressed over the little things

My goals are set and stone. Cant wait to see what I overcome after these!!!!!

Wish me luck!



My visit at UGA!!!

I got the privilege to explore the University of Georgia this past weekend! I got to go downtown with my good friend, Simone Costa, and she actually plays basketball at the college so she let me stay with her and showed me around!!! The best bars to go to are Whiskey and the Sand Bar! The Sand Bar was so much fun! It had an upstairs with a patio deck type thing to make you feel like you were at the beach and it was a night to remember. A little crowded but other than that, it was great. The Whiskey is like an old fashioned bar but there was an upstairs with a bar up there and then on the first floor had the main bar with booths to sit in and mirrors behind it. There is a stage as well for people to dance on! This bar was really laid back and super chill! I had a lot of fun there as well! I also went to Simone’s game where they beat Auburn!!! The game was so much fun and the kids got so involved!! It was a very entertaining game for sure! If anyone had the chance to go to this school I would highly recommend it. I also got to explore the campus while I was there and lemme tell ya, I got lost 😂 but I had fun exploring! I recommend this school for sure!!!!



Lost 5 pounds!!!!

Since I started running more and not drinking sodas, I HAVE LOST 5 POUNDS! Lord knows what all I can lose in this next week. I have been running 2-3 miles on the treadmill and then I would do 7 sets of Abdominal work with 5 different exercises. For example, 50 Russian twists, 25 crunches, hold a plank for 45 seconds, 25 bicycle kicks and 25 leg lifts!!!! I can’t wait to lose more weight and become healthy again!

This week I’m doing the Victoria Secret Model workout!!!! And boy let me tell ya it’s gonna burn but it will be worth it in the end! I’ll make a new video of me working on it the whole week and tell you how sore I am 🙂



MidTown Music Festival 2017

Hey y’all! This past September I went to Mid-Town Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. It was honestly SO much fun seeing everyone I saw! I saw Big Sean, Bruno Mars, and Wiz Khalifa!!!!! It was a very great experience and here are all of the videos of me and my bestfriend, Rebecca Midgett, singing and dancing and having an awesome time!! I highly recommend going next year!


I have been watching my friends go through all these boy problems (which makes me really thankful that I have Jesse around) and I feel like its time to type something about this because I know a lot of us go through relationship problems.

I cannot explain to yall about how horrible it is when people just want to have sex because you “have to” to be in a relationship. I think that sex is great and all don’t get me wrong, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you have a relationship with someone. You should have an emotional connection with them. You should care about each others feelings, think in the back of yalls big heads and ask yourself “Will they get mad at me if I do this?” if not then props to ya because I’m pretty sure if you’re even asking yourself that question then you probably shouldn’t do it. And its always the little things when it comes to relationships. You don’t have to buy your significant other everything in the world to show that you love them. Like what Jennifer Lopez says, my love don’t cost a thing. I mean things are nice but materialistic relationships never last. LITERALLY NEVER LAST. Little things come about with doing things for each other. Back rubs (especially if you date an athlete), doing things they like because you want them happy, holding doors for your girl, holding each others hands, and literally just being there for each other. And dates don’t always have to end up spending every cent in your pocket. You could easily just set up a Netflix date in your dorm, have a homework date etc. Nothing in a relationship has to involve money. We all have busy lives with school, sports, and jobs. All I ask out of my relationship is to be there at the end of the day and guess what? He’s there.

This next section is mainly for people who have been/are in an abusive relationship. Don’t take that from your significant other. No one, I mean NO ONE, should ever put their hands on you. I have been in an abusive relationship before and I promise you its not love. My boyfriend at the time says that it was an accident everytime and I would believe him because I thought I was in love. That’s not love. And maybe its hard to get out of it like it was for me. I ended that relationship when I had had my last straw of it. Blocked him on everything and till this day, he tries to use others phones to get to me when he should be focusing on himself and his life to get better.

A lot of people may think that this has gone out of control and why would I post this if I have a perfect relationship? There were many wrong guys that put me with the right guy. I just know that everybody has questions about if they really love someone or if what they want is worth it. If you believe that it will work, let it happen. Just don’t get too ahead of yourself. That’s all I have to say about this subject.




Jan 13// 1:27 a.m. late night thoughts

Hey yall!

I know the last time I was on here I made a video about my workouts and my advice on what to do when people bully you basically. DONT TAKE THAT BULL FROM ANYONE. Do your own thing and don’t let people change who you are. In middle school, I swear I tried to be in the popular crowd and I worried so much about what others thought about me and how I should change my appearance. While I have moved into 3 different states and seen so many backgrounds. ( Going from Georgia –> Florida –> Kansas is a big change ) I saw that everyone was different in their own ways. In Georgia you see a mix of boots and city. In Florida, you just see beach bums (well where I was at anyways), and in Kansas you just saw hills and boots EVERYWHERE. I LITERALLY COULDNT GET AWAY FROM IT. Kansas was so country they literally had a bullriding ring in a dance club. Which was an eye opener to me. Moving around showed me that not everyone is the same and I needed to know who I wanted to be and how I was going to be as a young lady. I’m very happy with myself and who I am becoming. At my college, I’m a double major in Psychology and Sociology. With this degree I want to be a social worker and help kids get adopted or help kids that are in danger, basically keeping them in a safe house. I wanted to do this because of my family past, I have seen them go through so much. I want to be that person to help others. Whenever it all went down is when I moved so I had no way of helping it. I want to make a change is all, I’m wanting to put others before myself.

I know this is a really weird rant or late night thought but its fine, I’m fine. LOL

Tomorrow or in a few days I’m going to post my makeup tutorial for my cheerleading look and also do my hair as well! I’m about to hit the hay so goodnight!!!!!!